Executive Coaching:
Partnerships for learning

Champions become champions because they have coaches.

Tiger Woods has 3 coaches - each of whom helps him in different arenas. He wants to be the best - so he has to learn and practice more than anyone. Great leadership is born of vision and skillfully leveraged hard work. We are your skillful leverage... your Olympic edge.

Adults learn best by keeping focused on what is relevant.

You want help and you want it to be focused on your needs. We get that! Busy, successful people need super-focused one-on-one training and feedback. Sometimes there is a crisis, and what you need is the fastest possible help - and we provide it.

For long-term power, for sustained capacity building, you need a partner who will work alongside you on the journey. You need someone who is capable of highly complex conversations, who is a calming influence, and who can help you see the way forward when you feel overwhelmed. You need a competent, experienced partner who is committed to your learning and your leadership success.

We provide what you need:

  • Sustained partnership for deep growth and leadership capacity building
  • Rapid fire help for short term problems

We bring to our work:

  • Experience in a variety of industries and business situations
  • A wide variety of development tools including our #{deep_intel} approaches
  • A deep theoretical grounding in adult development, integral theory, multiple intelligences (cognitive complexity, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence)
  • An enthusiastic approach to measuring for results

An unusual set of skills...

Our consultants, trainers and coaches are deeper than what you might be used to. We are experienced in cutting edge theories of adult development, integral theory, spiral dynamics, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and cognitive complexity, the Adizes business lifecycle model, and the shareholder model of business. We understand the unusual mix of skills and interior work that it takes to become a "Level 5 Leader" - also called in some theories a "Tier 2 Thinker", a "Catalyst" or a transformational leader. Only 2% of adults in most business settings are currently at this level of leadership capacity. Dr. Robert Kegan of Harvard has identified the requirement to help leaders move to higher levels of complexity and capacity: the perfect balance of challenge and support. The external world provides the challenge you need to stretch and grow. We provide the support. And we do it with a unique approach that we believe you'll find to be a perfect fit. If you are ready, so are we!

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“The strong coach-athlete relationship was... the most crucial factor in winning an Olympic medal*”

Bo Hansen
Four-time Olympian, Canada
* Canadian Olympic Study
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