Development Tools:
Options, Art and Holding it All Lightly

There is no such thing as "one size fits all" - so we have options

We use a variety of assessments based on what makes sense for you , your goals and your situation. We pace these so you can digest the data you receive in a way that makes sense for you and give you "immediate wins"

We typically suggest some or all of the 4 multiple intelligence assessments to create your unique Deep Intelligence Diagnostic. The key intelligences we look at are:

  • Physical intelligence - your energy, stamina, sleep patterns, overall health as a "corporate athlete"
  • Cognitive complexity... this goes beyond technical skills to look at the level of complexity you can consider as you contemplate situations and solve problems
  • Emotional intelligence - your emotional self‐awareness and your relationship skills
  • Spiritual Intelligence - the intelligence that develops last – includes your ability to be calm and wise even in the most stressful situations

We may include other assessments as they make sense such as:

  • Personal style/type assessments like Myers Briggs, Enneagram, DiSC or other
  • Values assessments - such as Corporate Tools
  • 360 feedback instruments such as The Leadership Circle, Leadership Agility 360, Emotional Competence Inventory, or others

Measurement as art: it’s all useful - and we hold it lightly

Measuring a human being is an imperfect process. And we need something well validated as a solid starting point. We use the best tools to describe your gifts, aspirations, and identify "what is next" for your growth. And we hold it all lightly - knowing that each of us is too complex to be described entirely by even the most sophisticated tool. This is where the coach or consultant applies her experience, and the art of the field to interpret the results of these assessments and agree, with you, on what they mean.

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“Spiritual Intelligence will take leadership to a whole new level.”

Susan M. Beck
Colonel (Ret.), US Air Force
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Customized for you, we pull together the assessments that are most relevant for your role and business situation. A proprietary approach blends the results to create empowering insights.

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