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SQ21 Certification Course (digital)

Now 50%. Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is "the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation." It is composed of 21 skills which can be assessed and developed.

The SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment is unique in its depth and rigor. Created by Cindy Wigglesworth, it is a faith-neutral yet faith-friendly (and atheist-friendly) self-assessment. Expertly created and carefully validated, this tool helps people see where they are on on the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence. It is designed so that you can use it with corporate clients, private clients, or any organization or faith-based group.

The Certification Class is intended to train coaches, consultants, therapists, ministers and faith leaders, and others who are interested.

The video is a recording of a live class taught by Cindy Wigglesworth, supplemented with audio recorded after the class. A phone conversation with Cindy (or another Master Trainer) is also included and required.

What you will learn:

+ The basics about multiple intelligences... especially the 4 crucial intelligences for coaches to understand (IQ, EQ, SQ, PQ - Physical Intelligence)

+ The basics of adult development theory and integral theory and how SQ relates to them

+ A deep introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), including its relationship to Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and how to help clients develop both of them together

+ The 21 Skills of SQ

+ The history and validity of the assessment

+ How the assessment works...including how it scores and using the various faith-based glossaries to help people understand terms

+ How to help people develop in the various SQ21 skills

+ A 9-step process that Cindy uses for overall SQ development

As part of the cost of this program you receive the following:

+ a video covering 3 days worth of material (stream or download)

+ A video of Cindy Wigglesworth teaching Conscious Evolution - watch this as preparation for the Certification class. Includes the basics about Integral Theory and Adult Development Theory (stream or download)

+ An SQ21 assessment for yourself. You will take this in advance of beginning the DVD Certification class so you can see how your scores relate to what is being discussed. Most questions about the report are answered through the class process. ($159 value)

+ An hour of coaching time with Cindy (or other Senior SQ21 Coach) after the class - since you will learn how to interpret your report in the class. The hour after class will be scheduled via phone or Skype to address more advanced or personal questions and for us to get to know you more personally) ($500 value)

+ USA, UK and Australia only, an autographed copy of her new book "SQ21: the Twenty-One Skills for Spiritual Intelligence" (being published in October 2012 by SelectBooks) ($25 value). Participants in other countries will need to purchase the book locally or from other sellers or on Kindle or borrow a copy from your local library as the book is required reading for the class.

+ Access to continuing education for as long as you remain a coach in good standing. This includes: teleseminars, webinars and the SQ Coaches' Conference. (fees may apply to some of these)

+ Wholesale price access to SQ21 assessment passwords (you make a profit based on your own pricing/bundling - which will be explained in class)

+ 2 free SQ21 passwords to use with friends or clients so you can gain confidence in debriefing the assessment report (most people find their confidence soars after 2 practice sessions!) ($118 value)

+ The ability to be listed on the Deep Change Website as a coach if you meet the criteria (includes having a minimum amount of experience with the SQ21 with good feedback from clients). Currently available at no cost to qualified coaches. This will help people find you who hear about SQ through Cindy or Deep Change and then want a local resource to talk with

+ A Deep Change Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach logo to use on your emails or website

+ The ability to sign up for the SQ Coaches' conference. Conferences occur approximately every 24 months. This group of certified coaches are inspirational. You will feel like you have "found your tribe!"

If you want additional information before deciding to commit to this, email cindy@deepchange.com and ask for our free articles and a sample SQ21 report.

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