Mary Smith Certified Deep Change Coach


Teaching Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, and World Religions has given Mary deep insights and skills in helping others develop EQ and SQ. Utilizing the Integral matrix developed by Ken Wilber she helps clients gain intrapersonal and interpersonal knowledge necessary for taking their next steps in development. She helps clients discover their worldview and show them how this view colors their world in ways they may not have recognized before. She help clients take on different perspectives that may enlarge their worldview and having recognized any "obstacles" to growth then helps them navigate the necessary skills for development. Her expertise is specifically related to (but not limited to) skills 1 - 5, 7 - 9, and 13 - 16, all which are necessary for developing skills in the "outcome" quadrant. Mary is a faculty member at Deep Change.

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  • SQ21


  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Development &/or Training
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Public Speaking