Who we are...
The Deep Change difference

Founded by Cindy Wigglesworth in 2000 (originally as Conscious Pursuits, Inc.) Deep Change is a multinational network of experienced:

  • Leadership Development Consultants
  • Executive Coaches
  • Leadership Development Trainers
  • Team facilitators
  • Multiple intelligence experts

What makes us distinctive is our ability to work with exceptional leaders — those who are already successful and pushing into the upper limits of leadership capacity. We are not for everyone — we are for those leaders on the edge of greatness. We excel at helping leaders like you — who want to become purpose-driven "Level 5 Leaders" or Conscious Capitalists.

We use a proprietary approach — the Deep Intelligence Diagnostic. We take a deep look into who you are as a person and who you are as an organization. We work to understand your role, your situation, your near-term objectives and your unique gifts and vision.

We customize engagements that take your work and your organization to the highest levels of excellence. And we have the track record to prove that we can deliver distinctive, measurable results.

An unusual set of skills...

Our consultants, trainers and coaches are deeper than what you might be used to. We are experienced in cutting edge theories of adult development, integral theory, spiral dynamics, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and cognitive complexity, the business lifecycle model, and the stakeholder model of business. We understand the unusual mix of skills and interior work that it takes to become a "Level 5 Leader" — also called in some theories a "Tier 2 Thinker", a "Catalyst" or a transformational leader. Only 2% of adults in most business settings are currently at this level of leadership capacity. What Dr. Robert Kegan of Harvard has identified as the requirement to help leaders move to higher levels of complexity and capacity is this recipe: the perfect balance of challenge and support. The external world provides the challenge you need to stretch and grow. We provide the support. And we do it with a unique approach that we believe you’ll find to be a perfect fit. If you are ready, so are we!

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“The capacity of the leader constrains the capacity of the organization.”

Cindy Wigglesworth
Founder, Deep Change
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Customized for you, we pull together the assessments that are most relevant for your role and business situation. A proprietary approach blends the results to create empowering insights.

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